Ashley & Co WashUp & TopUp Packs

A special combination of natural antiseptics, like grapefruit seed and aloe, beautifully bottled inspiring people to wash their hands. Each blend is lightly fragranced with Ashley & Co's signature scents. PH balanced and soap free.

- Blossom & Gilt: Give fresh flowers: Costa Rican tuberose and wild jasmine create the ultimate bouquet but lasts longer than its fresh petaled contemporaries.

- Tui & Kahili: Like sweet nectar enticing the Tui, notes of wild spreading GINGER and delicate LILY will have you scouring the native flora for this alluring scent.

- Vine & Paisley: Up there with puppies, cashmere sweaters and a pinon camp fire this earthy mix uses notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood to create a feeling of warmth and security.

- Bubbles & Polkadots: Kid around? Fresh garden rose mixed with soft powdery musk smells like a baby-out- of-the-bath. Buyers beware a craving for bed time stories and milk and cookies could result.

- Parakeets & Pearls Remember handwritten love letter's and dressing for dinner? No? This Old World scent of freshly picked GREEN TEA and WHITE LILIES will help bring the glamour back to modern day.



Ashley & Co WashUp & TopUp Packs

Bubbles & Polkadots
Tui & Kahili
Ashley & Co WashUp & TopUp Packs, Blossom & Gilt
Ashley & Co WashUp & TopUp Packs, Parakeets & Pearls
Ashley & Co WashUp & TopUp Packs, Vine & Paisley