Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock

Key Features

Built for the bedroom

Blends in any room décor
• With its fabric soft-touch cover, the compact Lenovo Smart Clock 2 blends perfectly into any room.
• A toggle-able mute button and no camera keeps you in control.

See what you need with a quick glimpse
• The 4" colour touchscreen showcases the time, weather and your family photos with a choice of customisable clock faces.
• Set up your Google Photos albums as a clockface, and relive memories as you check out the time.
• Check in on your smart cameras feeds before bed.

Get a little help to get things done
• Get more done hands-free, set reminders & alarms, get answers, check the traffic and more. Just ask Google.
• Your smart home control hub, control up to 50,000 compatible smart devices from 4000 brands with your voice or touch.

Kickstart your day, unwind in the evening

Manage your day and your well being
• Start your day better and keep on top of your daily tasks & schedule. Ask Google to play music, check your next meeting time and more.
• Set reminders to take breaks and to stay on top of your schedule.
Wind down with ease at night
• You can ask Google to play white noise or unwind yourself with a guided meditation before going to bed.
• Smart Alarm suggestions will remind you to set an alarm for the next morning based on your schedule, with only a few taps on the screen.

A little help at the end of the day
• Do more with a single command with the "good night" Routine: turn off the lights, lock the doors, play some relaxing music and more.

A great bedside companion

Keeping your devices charged overnight
• When docked the Lenovo Smart Clock 2’s wireless charging dock* can deliver a fast charge for your phone while you rest undistracted throughout the night

Keep your nightstand clutter free
• Do away with multiple chargers on your nightstand. Charge up to two additional devices at once: your phone (using the wireless dock) and another accessory, like a smart watch (using the USB port).

Just the right amount of light at night
• Enhanced with a built-in nightlight* when docked. The light is just bright enough to illuminate your way without waking your partner.

Enjoy music, news briefings, podcasts...

Louder & crisper sounds 
• With improved front firing speakers, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 delivers better room filling audio compared to its predecessor, the speakers are also expertly tuned for clearer vocals.
• Enjoy your favourite music, radio, audiobooks, podcasts or more.

Reach out to your family in any room
• You can also let other members of your family know it’s time to go to bed, by broadcasting to other speakers or smart clocks,and smart displays in the house.

Fill your home with music
• With multiroom audio, you can add your Lenovo Smart Clock 2 to a speaker group and play media across multiple devices and rooms.



Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock