Mitsubishi Electric 375L Multi Drawer Fridge Freezer

The Stainless Steel CX Designer Series Inverter 370 Litre Multi Drawer Refrigerator takes energy efficiency and customised food storage to the next level. It features next generation Inverter Technology with Neuro Fuzzy Logic, a Humidity Drawer with Vitalight technology and a Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker.

LED Lighting

The energy efficient LED light will illuminate your refrigerator up to 50 times longer than an average refrigerator light bulb.

Multi Airflow Cooling System

Cold air is distributed from the back, both sides and front; cooling each compartment quickly and uniformly. Even door pockets are quickly cooled, with air circulating through the gaps in the bottom of each door pocket.

Automatic Ice Maker

The Connoisseur Collection features a non-plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. As there is no separate plumbing connection required, the fridge can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, not just near existing pipe work. Simply fill the removable water tank and the Ice Maker is ready to go!

Inverter Technology

An inverter compressor with Mitsubishi Electric’s sophisticated neurofuzzy logic is the reason the CX range achieves an impressive 3.5 star energy rating. The CX is able to memorise your usage patterns and adapt its energy usage for advanced energy savings.

Humidity Drawer with Vitalight Technology

The celebrated humidity drawer has now gone a step further with advanced Vitalight technology. The addition of an amber LED light allows fruit and vegetables to stay fresher than ever before by absorbing energy from the light.

Freezer Drawer

The Freezer Drawer is divided by a sliding tray at the top that can be pushed back to reveal the rest of the drawer. The Freezer Drawer is roomy enough to fit bulky items such as ice cream tubs, loaves of bread, and frozen vegetables. The top tray is ideal for storage and organisation of flat pack items such as meat packs.

Note: Drop off delivery only, to a ground floor. Installation is not included.



Mitsubishi Electric 375L Multi Drawer Fridge Freezer

Mitsubishi Electric 375L Multi Drawer Fridge Freezer