Navman Drive Duo 2.0 GPS Unit with Full HD Dash Cam

The perfect all-in-one device – with GPS and a Full HD Dash Cam built in - capturing high quality footage and guidance at the same time. With Lifetime Monthly Maps and Lifetime Live Traffic Updates, Spoken Safety Alerts and 3D Landmarks included you know you have your GPS needs covered, add in GPS Tagged Video, Full HD Recording and a 3-Axis G-Sensor and the DRIVE DUO 2.0 has all your navigation and Dash Cam needs in one.

Bluetooth® Handsfree
Turns your DRIVE Series into a hands-free car kit.

FREE Live Traffic Updates
Avoid congestion, accident delays and road works along your planned route with real-time information.

Monthly Map Updates
Fully verified monthly map updates including updates to safety alerts, so you will always have the freshest maps on the market.

Speed Limit Alert
The actual speed limit for the road you’re travelling on.

Spoken Safety Alerts
Announces approaching speed and red-light cameras, school zones and more.

3D Junctions with Real Signage
A photo with arrows makes it clear which way to go.

Full HD 1080P Video Recording
Records high definition videos at 1080P Full HD resolution on H.264 compression so you can record and save more.

Wide Angle Glass Lens
Wide angle camera for capturing every detail on the road. High quality glass lens let more light in and delivers a more superior image.

ADAS Safety Features
Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) including forward collision warning and lane departure warning.

GPS Tagged Video
Track your position wherever you go. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records your driving information including location, direction and speed.

Event Recording Mode
When the device detects sudden changes in motion or an impact, it records instantly saving a protected video of the event for future analysis.

3-Axis G-Sensor
Record your driving direction and critical incidents with the 3-axis G-Sensor, to show the direction the impact came from helping to record how the impact happened.

Trip Select
You choose the route – shortest, fastest, easiest or most economical way to go.

Trip Planner
Combines several destinations in one convenient route, saving time and fuel.

Zomato Restaurant Guide
Find and be guided to restaurants and cafes. Read reviews before you go.

3D Landmarks
Shows well known buildings around town in extra detail.

Premium Driver Alerts
Advanced warning when there’s a change in the road ahead e.g. merging lanes, overtaking lanes and road narrowing.

Driver Fatigue Alert
When you’ve been driving continuously for two hours, you will be alerted to take a break with the options for the nearest rest stops.

Spoken Street Names
Detailed voice guidance with spoken street names.

Smart Find™ Keyword Search
Don’t know an address? Just type in words like ‘swimming pool’ or ‘Bill’s Café’ to find the destination.

Digital Logbook
Download a spreadsheet of kilometres travelled. Ideal for expense reporting.

Advanced Lane Guidance
Advises the best lane to be in for an upcoming turn off or junction.

Landmark Guidance
Uses landmarks like schools and petrol stations to guide you.

Smart Route™
Based on historical traffic data shows the best routes to take whatever the time of day.

Fuel Type Search
Use Smart Find keyword search to enter in your specific fuel type.

Roadside Assist
Pinpoints your location and gives local Roadside Assistance numbers so it’s easy to call for help.

Park Assist
Fast tracks you to the nearest parking stations with a list of options from the map screen.

Cafe Shortcut Button
From the main menu, fast track to your nearest café or coffee house.

Shortcut Buttons
Closest parking, petrol, food or ATMs at the touch of a button.

Australia & New Zealand Map Coverage
Travel easily on both sides of the Tasman with built-in maps for both countries.



Navman Drive Duo 2.0 GPS Unit with Full HD Dash Cam

Navman Drive Duo 2.0 5" GPS Unit with Full HD Dash Cam